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Amptron carries a comprehensive range of products and solutions for measuring and control instruments for low voltage switchgears, medium voltage, marine switchboards, facilities and building management, energy monitoring, automation, photovoltaics, power generators and DC power applications. 

Metering & Measurement

Complete range of analogue and digital electrical measuring panel meters, including digital power meters meeting all International standards. 

Customisation of requirements are also readily available with our in-house testing and calibration facilities to ensure you get what you need, in the shortest possible time.

Control & Protection

DOLD offers you a comprehensive offer of measuring and monitoring relays for your individual needs. The devices detect and provide early notification if critical limits of electrical variables such as current, voltage, power, insulation resistance, etc are violated. This allows dangers to people and machinery to be reliably avoided.

Energy Management

Fineco Electric offers a large range of high  quality and economical smart energy meters (EM series) with MID certified. EM series are widely used for billing purpose as well as in energy monitoring via its in-built Modbus RTU serial protocol.

DC Measurement

Specialty DC energy meter for monitoring solar PV energy generation, wind turbine power generation, transport systems, cell towers, power distribution in data centers, IT networks and other DC applications.

Alarm Annunciation
Electrical Test & Portables

Alarm annunciators with mirco-processor technology for modern and demanding communication and event registering features along with traditional alarm annunciating functions, as usual in power systems.

Testing of the electrical safety of electrical devices is necessary in many applications and is required in accordance with legislation and regulations set forth by official authorities, operating companies and insurance carriers. Tests must be conducted as a preventive measure after each repair, and within the framework of work safety, at regular intervals in order to protect users.

Medical Test Equipment

Extremely high-performance devices are required for the execution of measuring tasks in the field of medicine. SECULIFE testers have been specially developed for testing those medical devices which are used most commonly in clinics - directly at the patient. Great importance is placed upon efficiency and reliability when performing measurements on these devices.

Automation & Control

At B&R, we provide complete solutions for the automation industry. We excel in this area because our product range includes everything needed for machine and system automation. A decisive factor here is that all of the products work together seamlessly.

Temperature Measurement

High quality, cost effective, contact and non-contact temperature monitoring system for electrical busbars and switchgears.

Condition Monitoring

Predictive maintenance and condition monitoring system for pumps, motors, chillers.

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