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Facility Energy Metering Platform

The AcuCloud is a cloud-based facility metering platform that provides users access to data from Accuenergy’s power meters. The data is available to our customers to view, import, export and analyze.


Amptron is celebrating 36 years in business.

"Experience is not what happened to a man, but a man does to what happened to him."

We have grown and built a strong foundation of knowledge, industrial experience and references on Advanced Metering Instrumentation, Electrical Monitoring & Control, Time Synchronisation & Distribution, Control Room and Displays solutions across a wide spectrum of industries for the past 36 years.


With the ever-evolving changing markets, demands, technologies and expectations of our clients, we consistantly embrace change, keeping abreast of emerging technologies, methodology, together with our quality products and services to meet their demands.

Our one stop solution for you. As we say, "MAKE IT SIMPLE!"