Metering & Measurement

Analog Meters

A comprehensive range of analog, digital and power measurement as well as quality analysis Instruments. 

Analog Meter

Marine Application

Analog Meter

Industrial Application

Digital Power Meters

We offer a wide range of digital Power meters suitable for different market segment and application needs.

Accuvim II

Accuvim L





Aplus TFT

Power Quality Analysers

We offer a very good range of Power Quality Analyser that helps analyse your electrical network.




PQ 3000

Mavolog PRO

Digital Meters

Bargraph indication as well as alphanumeric digital meter for Level and AC quantity measurement.

Bargraph Indicator

Digital Panel Indicator

Digital Panel Meter

Power Transducers

A wide range of electrical powerline transducers to choose from our DAT25 series, Sineax 530 series and our programmable

range of power transducers.

Industrial Application Transducers

GL Approved Transducers

Programmable Distribution & Transmission Transducers