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Analog Meters

Control & Protection

A wide range of monitoring, control and protection devices thathelps you make electrical network more secured and reliable.

Control Switches

Make control much easier and reliable with our relays and control switches.

Comelectric Control Switches

R16 Control switch

R20 Control switch

DR110 discrepancy switch

Yong Sung Control Switches


Discrepancy switches


General Control CAM switches


Circuit Breaker Control switches

Mains Protection Relays

Our protection relays allow you a peace of mind through their continuous monitoring of your electrical network system.

TM18c earth leakage

DP21 DTL earth


DP31 IDMT earth fault

DP23 LTI & DTL overcurrent 

DP33 IDMT overcurrent 

DP34 IDMT earth fault & over current

Interfacing Relays

Our range of fast tripping relays provide immediate signalling upon any abnormality for your critical system either for safety tripping or alarm notification.

Aux relay

TCS relay

Lockout relay

Engine & Generator

Lovato Electric Provides a one stop solution for easier engine and generator control and protection. 

RGK20 with start/stop feature

RGK30 with start/stop feature, ext key switch

RGK40 stand-alone gen-set controller

RGK600SA Standalone Gen-set Controller

RGK601SA Standalone Controller, Graphic LCD, Wifi

RGK700SA Standalone Controller, Graphic LCD, Wifi, Can-Bus & IP65

RGK800SA Standalone Controller, Graphic LCD, Wifi, Can-Bus & IP65 with facility for expandiable module

RGK900SA For Parallel Mains - Gen. , Gen. - Gen.

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